Sabre’s Taskmaster – Top 3 Finalists

Enroute to GG 2022, the next step in their quest for glory is to compete on stage in Vegas for the ultimate Taskmaster crown.

Who are these supreme beings?

Here’s the low down...

Nina wowed with a DJ journey for the ages, Will gazumped us with his characterisation and Kelly unleashed her sleight of hand. What’s in store for Vegas? One can only imagine. These three are packing loads of personality and we cannot wait to watch their Taskmastery live on stage.

What will our finalists bring to the Taskmaster stage?

Kelly Coish

Kelly has spent time digging up dinosaur bones and living with polar bears, and never uses cutlery to eat cake.

She is a huge Harry Potter fan and has themed rooms in her home. Kelly will no doubt be spellbinding in Vegas.


  • Part-time magician
  • Wildlife rescue warrior

Will Bailey

Proudest dad in the world and Global Gathering newbie, Will started running for a month in 2020 and hasn’t stopped.

As an avid cosplayer with a healthy obsession of Superheros, Will is bound to bring some special powers to the stage.


  • Superhero in disguise
  • Donald Duck impersonator

Nina Hedges

A kiwi at heart, living in Brisbane, Nina has eaten a 1-metre long hot dog and has met The Hoff!

When she was young, Nina wanted to be the Hulk so badly that she coloured her whole leg green. This mesmerising commitment is set to wow us all in Vegas.


  • DJ Superstar
  • Types like a ninja

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